About us

B10 Group is a management-owned Multi-Family Office and wealth management boutique.

B10’s key business areas consist of wealth management, investment solutions and alternative investments. We work exclusively with ultra high-net-worth individuals, families and institutions.

As an independent wealth manager, we appreciate that every client is unique, and every need is different. This leads us to create tailored wealth solutions to meet our clients’ goals while maintaining institutionalized processes in investment management.

Nordic heritage

Universal understanding and appreciation of the notion Nordic Heritage, stems from; the importance of untouched nature, freedom of speech, trust, democracy, equality, education, healthcare and hard work. To the core, Nordic Heritage is by and large a history of shared values and experiences in the region, thus a sense of common acceptance and appreciation towards transparency.

Our values


We have a strong history and experience of principles. We are licensed and regulated by the Financial Supervisory Authority in Finland.


We create bespoke solutions to meet clients’ individual goals.


We act independently and are not beholden to any bank or product provider.


We monitor banks and management fees with full transparency.


Corporate responsibility

Our main task at B10 is to provide investment and financial services that enable wealthy families to meet their financial goals. In order to achieve that goal, we consider not only economic factors but also the responsibility of our business taking into consideration environmental, social and governmental issues. Responsible business creates long-term value and remains competitive in a changing global environment.

Responsible investing

Responsible investing refers to investment activities that take the environment, society and good governance into consideration. Responsibility influences the long-term potential of a company’s success and acknowledging this also in investments produces results for the investor. At B10, we want to grow our clients’ wealth in a responsible manner. Hence, responsibility is integrated into every aspect of B10’s operations.